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Box & Carry

Reserve your textbooks by placing an online order and having them boxed up and available for pickup on move-in weekend.

Box & Carry is available at the start of each term including the Winter & Summer terms.

New books, used books, rental books, digital books, course modules, classroom supplies and dorm supplies can all be ordered and boxed up through this program.

Orders can be purchased online using a credit card or semester in a box.

Click Here to place your order.

Semester in a Box

This upcoming semester, we are introducing a new program called "Semester in a Box". This new program allows customers to shop now and pay later. It is very similar to our past Rhody Store Charge Program, but there are a few key points that differentiate these two programs.

  • Orders can be placed starting January 10th
  • ONE payment for all items that have been charged will be due on February 28th
  • This payment method will only be offered for customers placing online orders for course materials
  • This payment option is required for all first year TD students
  • Anyone can choose this option for payment, except those that have outstanding balances from previous Rhody Store Charge accounts
  • The refund deadline for the spring semester will be February 3rd

Rhody Store Charge is still an option for customers, but only for in store purchases. If students are not eligible for Semester in a Box or Rhody Store Charge, students can visit Green Hall and inquire about receiving a book voucher.