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Purchasing course materials on the URI Bookstore website:

  1. Click Course Materials (on the top of the left hand navigation)
  2. Read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly.  To proceed, click “I Accept”
  3. Select the appropriate term
  4. Select the first necessary department
  5. Select the required course and section number
  6. Click “Add Selection“
  7. Follow steps 4 through 6 until all needed courses are in “Your Current Course List”
  8. Click “Get Course Materials”
  9. Click “Add to Cart” for the desired condition of the course materials you wish to purchase (The shipping cart icon will change to blue once you have successfully added the item to your cart).
  10.  Once all items have been added, click “ Shopping Cart”
  11. After reviewing your cart, click “Continue Checkout”
  12. Select Order Update Action from the drop down menu
  13. Select the condition preference from the following drop down menu
    1. Used Preferred = Used books will be pulled if available, new books pulled if used not available.
    2. New Preferred= New books will be pulled if available, used books pulled if new not available.
  14. Read the order disclaimer below and click to accept terms and conditions
  15. Click “Continue Checkout”
  16. Log in if you already have created a profile.  Skip to step 20. 
    1. Click “Register Here” if you are a new customer and follow steps 17, 18 and 19.
  17. Click Create profile for browsing and purchasing course materials
  18. Complete required fields *Be sure to indicate your graduation year, i.e. 2020
  19. Click “Register”
  20. Select your method of delivery
    1. If you wish to pick the books up on campus, the appropriate shipping method isPick Up at Store.  These boxes will be located in the Atrium on the 2nd floor of the Memorial Union.  
    2. Students that wish to have the books shipped to them may choose Standard Shipping.  Shipping rates apply.
  21. Review your order and profile information
  22. Select payment type and complete information
    1. For those that would like to use the Rhody Store Charge account, choose this tender and accept the terms and conditions.  There is no application required.    
  23. Click “Submit Order” (Once order is submitted, no changes can be made.  Review carefully!)

Course Material Buying Guide:

New -Book is brand new.

Used - Book is pre-owned with limited to no markings and has a reduced price.

Rental - Book is available for rent at a reduced price and is due back to the store by last day of finals.

E-Book - Book is available in a digital version that may be used on devices that have a high speed internet connection. E-books may have limitations on how many pages can be printed and may have an expiration date (i.e. 6 months/1 year).

Required - The professor has informed the bookstore that the student will need the course material for the class.

Recommended - The professor has adopted additional reading for the class that the student is not required to purchase but may be helpful.

Optional - Could be an alternative edition, an access code, a workbook, or another item that the professor gives the student the option to buy, but is not required. 

Bundle - A bundle is a package that usually contains a textbook with other supplemental material; for example, an online access code or workbook. The bundle is provided at reduced cost through the publisher and therefore cannot be found at other locations except the university bookstore.  Bundles may also be offered as individual parts listed as optional, giving the student the ability to only purchase certain items. If all parts are needed, the bundle is the cheapest option.

*Please note - Do not purchase both the bundle and individual parts of a bundle; they include the same items.

Custom - The professor and publisher have worked together to create a book that is specific to the university, and cannot be found at any other location.  These items are usually either written by professors themselves, or are certain chapters of a textbook that have already been published. 

Module/Course Packet -The professor has created a packet that usually includes notes, text excerpts, etc. that is printed and available through the URI Bookstore only

Students will receive one email when the order has been placed, and a second email when the box is ready for pickup/shipment.