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MicroFridge Rentals

Rental Period:

Full Academic Year Rental: Move-In Weekend through the last day of Spring final exams.

One Semester Rental:

Fall Move-In Weekend through the last day of Fall final exams or Spring Move-In Weekend through the last day of Spring final exams.

Summer Rental: Rent the unit for the whole summer.  

Monthly Summer Rental: Choose to rent by month over the summer.

Combination Unit Dimensions

18 11/16 in. (47.4 cm) W x 43 12/16 in. (111.1 cm) H x 19 11/16 in. (500.0 cm) D

Payment & Delivery:

Payment can be made during online reservation prior to the start of school.

All units will be delivered to the dorms prior to Move-In Weekend.

Students will be contacted prior to the end of their rental agreement to schedule their pickup.

Summer Rental Monthly Summer Rental
Rhody Protection Plan

The protection plan covers any accidental damages made to the unit. Damages that appear to be caused by misuse or treatment will not be covered under the program. A replacement fee of $499.00 will be applied if damages do not fall under the protection program. The unit still has to be defrosted, dry, and clean prior to pick-up regardless of the protection program to prevent paying additional fees.

Terms and Conditions:

The customer agrees to provide contact information for both the parent and student which includes a home/cell phone number and an email address.

URI Campus Store will be held responsible for any mechanical issues with the unit unless it is clear that the issue was caused by misuse or mistreatment.

Full payment is required prior to delivery.

The customer who reserves the unit will be responsible for the rental agreement. Limit of one unit per room. The URI Campus Store is not responsible for splitting the rental fee between roommates (even though you are welcome to do so after full payment has been made.)

The student/parent agrees to purchase a replacement unit for any or all damages caused by misuse or treatment.

To avoid additional charges, a pick-up date must be scheduled prior to the rental deadline. The unit must also be clean, defrosted, dry, and have all of its original parts. (There will be an additional charge of $25.00 if not clean, $40 if the Campus Store has to make more than one trip for pickup and $30.00 if there are any original parts missing.)

All units must remain on campus during the rental period.

There will be no refunds or cancellations of rental orders once a delivery has been made.

If for any reason a unit needs to be returned sooner than the last day of classes due to transfer or other extenuating circumstances, the Campus Store will pick the unit up from the residence hall but there will be NO REFUNDS.

Students are not permitted to move the unit on their own. If there is a room change of any kind, please contact the Campus Store and we will handle the move.

If the unit is moved by the student without notification to the Campus Store, there will be a fee of $20.00 since the pick-up location differs from the delivery location.

For all questions, please call the URI Campus Store at (401) 874-2722